Dress Code:

  • Boys; Cover all body from neck to below knee. Qufi or Topi is recommended.
  • Girls; Cover all body from neck to ankles and wrists in loose clothing. Wear a hijab.

Early Dismissal:

  • Come to the front office first and get an early dismissal slip, then present the slip to the teacher. Note: If for any reason the student need to be taken out of school early, please let the teacher know as early as possible


  • School opens at 10.15 am. Tardiness will be assessed as follows;
  • 4 Tardy will result in being marked as one absence and the student will forfeit their lunch and parents will have to come talk to the school about the tardiness.
  • Any student late by 30 minutes will not be admitted to the school that day, unless accompanied by the parents with valid excuse for extreme tardiness


  • 2 consecutive absence will result in one forfeiture of lunch period and parent/school administration meeting.

Misdemeanor Reports:

  • Indecent language and violent behavior would result in immediate suspension from school until a parent/school administration meeting to resolve the reason for the offending behavior.

Leaving School Campus at any Time:

  • Students are not allow to leave the School Campus at any time without expressed/written permission from the school administration. Students moving out of the school campus will be suspended in school pending arrival of parents and resolution in the presence of the parents and school administration regarding the reason for leaving school property without permission. School may readmit students upon successful resolution of the cause of the problem.

Losing Books and Salah Packets:

  • A replacement book will cost 15.00$ for each book and replacement Salah Packet will cost $0.70 each.

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