Quranic reading and memorization:

This course is designed to give students a deeper understating of the Holy Quran and its meanings. The students will be graded on their ability to memorize the Arabic and its translation of the last 26 Surahs of the Holy Quran and also the Surah’s virtues with Proficiency in Tajweed and Qirat

  • Al-Lail
  • Al-Shams
  • Balad
  • Fajr
  • Ghashiyah

Islamic Studies:

• Why Islam, What is Islam?
• The Qur’an: Its Qualitative Names
• Istighfar: Seeking Forgiveness and Protection
• Allah: Angry or Kind
• Islamic Greeting: Wishing Peace
• Adam (A): The Trial of the First Human Being
• ‘Ad and Thamud: Consequences of Defying Allah
• Life of Ibrahim (A): Early life and Mission
• Life of Ibrahim (A): Beginning of a New Generation
• Sacrifice of Ibrahim (A)
• Lut (A): Message for the Modern Societies
• Yusuf (A): Will to Overcome Temptation
• The Companions of the Cave
• Dhu al-Qurnain: The Journey of a King
• Abu Sufyan: His Life and Achievements
• Khalid ibn Al-Walid: The “Sword of Allah”
• How to Achieve Success
• Character of the Prophets
• Marriages of Muhammad (S)
• Purification: Physical and Spiritual “Hygiene”
• Permitted and Prohibited
• Lailatul Qadr: The Night of Majesty
• Fasting in Ramadan: the Month of Endless Benefits
• My Family is Muslim Now
• Amr bil ma’ruf: Enjoin Good Deeds
• Guard Your Tongue: Think Before You Speak
• Lessons from Past Civilizations
• Science in the Qur’an