Quranic reading and memorization:

This course is designed to give students a deeper understating of the Holy Quran and its meanings. The students will be graded on their ability to memorize the Arabic and its translation of Surah Fatiha, Yasin and the last 21 Surahs of the Holy Quran and also the Surah’s virtues.

  • Alaq
  • Teen
  • An-Sharah
  • Duha
  • Selected Passages of Surah Yaasin


Islamic Studies:

  • Attributes of Allah: These are the Most Beautiful
  • Promise of Allah: It is Always True
  • Objectives of the Quran
  • Compilation of the Quran
  • Previous Scriptures and the Qur’an
  • Importance of Shahadah
  • Compilation of Hadith
  • Nuh (A): Truth is Most Important
  • Talut, Jalut and Dawud (A)
  • Dawud and Sulaiman (A)
  • Sulaiman (A) and the Queen
  • Musa (A) and Fir’awn
  • Bani Isra’il: Life after Their Rescue
  • Musa (A) and Khidir
  • Isa (A) and Maryam (RA)
  • Khadijah (RA): Finest Example of a Committed Wife
  • A’ishah (RA): Beloved Wife of the Prophet (S)
  • Fatimah (RA): The Lady of the Light
  • Al Qiyamah: The Awakening
  • Ruh and Nafs: An Overview
  • The Angels and the Jinn
  • Shaitan: The Invisible Enemy
  • Taqwah: The Quality of True Believers
  • My Friend is a Muslim Now
  • Friendship: With Others and With Opposite gender
  • Reading Salah or Performing Salah
  • Muslims Around the World
  • People of Other Faith